It’s the 90th anniversary for WOSU, and WBAA

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WOSU in Columbus, Ohio, is marking quite the milestone this year: 90 years on the air, reports The Lantern, the college paper of licensee Ohio State University. Tom Rieland, g.m., said the former WEAO (Willing Eager Athletic Ohio) was one of only a few pioneering educational radio stations in the country. “The programming was almost all live and included broadcast of lessons by faculty at Ohio State, farm news and musical concerts,” Rieland said. Now there’s WOSU-TV, a PBS member station, and two radio stations, 89.7 NPR News and Classical 101. In 2010 the station moved its full-time news service to 89.7 after its all-news AM station failed to attract listeners (Current, Aug. 9, 2010).

Rieland said that because the station had a large celebration for its 75th anniversary, the 100th will be quieter: a lunch for staff and volunteers, and tours of the station for OSU faculty, staff and students.

UPDATE: And thanks for the heads-up from WBAA at Purdue University, also celebrating its big 9-0 this year!

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