CBC Radio introduces 40 new web, mobile stations

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According to a report in Radio World, CBC Radio, Canada’s public broadcaster, has just launched a full slate of free online radio stations in an effort to diversify its online music offerings.

The 40 stations are organized by genre (classical, jazz, hip hop, aboriginal) and are available to stream in both the U.S. and Canada 24/7 at music.cbc.ca.

CBC Radio’s online music portal. Screenshot by Rhys Heyden.

Though the music is predominantly Canadian, and the stations are aimed at the Canadian market, U.S. radio fans can also listen in.

Steve Pratt, CBC’s director of digital music, told Radio World that the stations attracted more than 200,000 unique hits in their first week of existence, also racking up 1 million page views and 600,000 audio streams.

CBC Radio already offered music on its “Radio 2” and “Radio 3” channels, but “…to serve Canadians properly we need more bandwidth than Radios 2 and 3 can offer,” said Pratt.

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