On C-SPAN, ex-FCC official Copps worries over noncom stations in spectrum auction

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Former FCC Commissioner Michael Copps expresses concern for public TV stations in the upcoming spectrum auctions, in an interview on The Communicators series on C-SPAN, reports Broadcasting & Cable. “Public television is doing a really good job with multicasting and using two or three streams to do really good programming,” Copps says on the program, scheduled for broadcast at 6:30 p.m. Eastern Saturday (April 21) and available online. “And all of a sudden, if they are going to be decreasing in number or stations are going to be thrown together, is that going to mean we are going to have less programming?”

Copps also says: “There is a lot of spectrum out there, and I don’t think anybody in the United States has very much of a clue exactly how much spectrum is lying fallow.”

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