“Michael Eric Dyson Show” senior producer says host has left program

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The Michael Eric Dyson Show will go off the public radio airwaves at the end of the month, and its host has already left the program, reports the Journal-isms blog. “There’s something else potentially in the works, but the show as it exists now is about to end,” Carla Wills, senior producer, told the blog. “The contract was over. We didn’t do another round of funding.” Wills said Dyson was increasing his appearances on MSNBC’s Martin Bashir Show as well as continuing his speaking engagements and teaching at Georgetown University. Guest hosts will fill in for the final shows.

LaFontaine Oliver, Dyson’s producer and g.m. at producing station WEAA-FM at Morgan State University in Baltimore, said about a dozen stations were carrying the show.

The show was a successor of News and Notes on NPR in 2009 (Current, April 23, 2009). Support for a competing program, Upfront with Tony Cox, soon ended up splitting the African American Public Radio Consortium (Current, Oct. 13, 2009).

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