WUIS classical host retiring after 30 years

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Karl Scroggin, classical music host at WUIS in Springfield, Ill., is retiring after a 30-year career that included, according to the State Journal-Register, assisting mezzo-soprano opera singer Marilyn Horne claim $600 in slot-machine winnings. Yes, you read that correctly. Years ago at an Association of Music Personnel in Public Radio conference in Las Vegas, Scroggin came across Horne at the Golden Nugget. “I said, ‘Marilyn, did you win some money?’ She said, ‘Yes, I won $600 on this slot machine. How do I cash it in?’ I said, ‘Well, I’ll show you how to do it.’” After collecting the cash, Horne began waving it around and singing “The Gambler.”

“I thought, ‘This is great,'” Scoggin recalls. “Here I am, standing in the lobby of the Golden Nugget with the great Marilyn Horne, and she’s singing Kenny Rogers to me.’”

The station is hosting a retirement event March 29 at its studio at University of Illinois Springfield.

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