South Carolina ETV makes “hard decision” to close WJWJ after nearly 40 years

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South Carolina ETV is closing the studio and office of its Lowcountry public TV station, WJWJ, after nearly 40 years in Beaufort County, according to The Beaufort Gazette. WJWJ will no longer produce local programming, and two staffers lost their jobs. “We have had other reductions over the past year because of our overall state funding, but there has not been another facility like this that we have closed,” said South Carolina ETV President Linda O’Bryon. The decision was made because WJWJ wasn’t paying for itself. “In other locations, we have revenues that are coming in to offset the costs, and in this area we just didn’t have the revenues and we had to make some hard decisions,” O’Bryon said. WJWJ will continue to carry ETV programs, she added.

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