News Director Jim Asendio gone from WAMU, staffers told in memo

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WAMU News Director Jim Asendio has left the station, according to an internal station memo posted by the Washington Post. Mark McDonald, program director at the American University licensee in Washington, D.C., told staffers: “Jim has left WAMU. We wish him well in his future endeavors. Meymo Lyons is Acting News Director with immediate effect, and she and I will be working with the newsroom staff to find a replacement for Jim in the coming days and weeks.”

UPDATE: Journalist Dave Hughes, who runs DCRTV, an independent website about radio and television in the Washington, D.C., and Baltimore area, reports that Asendio told him: “I resigned as news director at WAMU because I did not agree with an upper management decision to have reporters meet with donors at a donor-only station-sponsored event. It is my long held and oft-stated belief that working journalists should not be subjected to the real or perceived influence of the individuals and/or foundations who fund the work of the newsroom.”

One thought on “News Director Jim Asendio gone from WAMU, staffers told in memo

  1. I totally agree with Jim. There is way too much “pimping”. Jim is a man of ethics, credibility and is the consummate pro in my opinion. I really hope he lands in a place where skill and delivery are the goals.

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