WGBH modifying Roadshow web contact info, participation agreement after complaint

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After receiving and investigating an 11-page complaint from a former Antiques Roadshow appraiser (Current, Dec. 12, 2011), producing station WGBH is revising how it handles contact information for experts on the Roadshow website, and making changes in its Appraisal Event Participation Agreement.

In a letter to Gary Sohmers, who had raised concerns over what he saw as “illogically restrictive” clauses in the contract signed by all the experts — who are not compensated for their work — WGBH Corporate Counsel Eric Brass said the station, as part of an ongoing review process of production-related practices, would make contact information available online for past appraisers, and change the participation agreement “to focus more clearly any restrictions on an appraiser’s activities and statements regarding Antiques Roadshow to those that WGBH believes are important for protecting the series’ trademark and other legal rights, and its image.”

“WGBH has been fair and responsible in reviewing the matter and considering your comments and suggestions,” Brass said in the letter.

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