WDFH-FM in New York’s Hudson Valley faces “financial emergency”

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A signal expansion in the lower Hudson Valley three years ago depleted WDFH-FM’s cash reserves and now the Ossining, N.Y., community radio station “finds itself in financial straits,” according to The Daily Dobbs Ferry. Executive Director Marc Sophos, who helped found the station 39 years ago as a high-school freshman, said the station faces doing dark. “There’s a short-term financial emergency right now,” he said. “It’s urgent. We do need to find this money or else the station will go under. Donations are far less than the operating expenses. We need to be raising $10,000 a month.”

“Money is time and time is running out,” Sophos said. “Realistically I think there’s hope for the station to survive. We’re trying everything we can think of.”

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