KPCC places billboard next door to rival KPFK

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Has KPCC “punked” fellow pubradio station KPFK with a “billboard prank”? So says an item on OC Weekly’s Navelgazing blog written by Gustavo Arellano, a reporter for the paper who has also appeared on both stations in southern California. KPCC, an NPR member station, has erected a bold orange billboard on the the roof of building right next door to KPFK, a Pacifica outlet, that reads: “Ideas, not ideology.” Perhaps a poke at left-leaning Pacifica?

UPDATE: Craig Curtis, program director at KPCC radio, tells Current that the placement was a “complete coincidence — although I’m sure people may not believe that.” Locations are rarely specified in billboard buys, Curtis said, and KPCC’s sign just landed there. He happened to be exchanging emails with KPFK General Manager Bernard Duncan when Curtis heard about the billboard, so he told Duncan, whose only reaction was, “Hmmm.” Curtis quipped, “Maybe we’ll put a KPFK billboard on the side of our building.”

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