Bill Kling, seen as aloof? “Probably accurate,” he tells the New York Times

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Bill Kling, former c.e.o. of American Public Media Group, admitted to the New York Times that during his time at the Minnesota-based pubradio network he realizes that he was “generally perceived as aloof.”

“That’s probably accurate,” he said. “But not for the reasons you would think. It’s difficult for someone who has grown up with the company and who knows the veteran employees so well, to then find that there are so many other employees whom you don’t know well. And if you don’t know them well, you feel bad about it.”

“You may feel awkward when you don’t know enough about some people to make them feel as much a part of the company as you want them to feel or know enough about what they have to offer the company,” he said. “And so you kind of avoid interactions with them. That’s a mistake because inevitably they have something to offer. And that comes off as aloof.”

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