Keillor un-retires from “Prairie Home Companion” yet again

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Well, American Public Media’s former president Bill Kling was right — Garrison Keillor wasn’t serious about retiring in spring 2013, as Keillor had announced earlier this year. Keillor told the Sioux City Journal on Dec. 1 that he “thought about” leaving his hosting duties at A Prairie Home Companion, “and then it panicked me . . . which got me to rethinking the whole brilliant idea. The show is going well. I love doing it. Why quit?”

Keillor has become notorious for startling fans of the popular show by talking about leaving, then changing his mind. In March, Kling had dismissed Keillor’s statement as a publicity stunt, intended to tease supporters and bring new contributors into the Prairie Home Companion talent mix. “He throws things out there to see what the reaction would be,” Kling told Current.

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