KCSM-TV in San Mateo, Calif., goes up for sale

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As expected, the San Mateo (Calif.) Community College announced today (Dec. 7) it is seeking a buyer for public broadcaster KCSM-TV. In June, the board said the sale was due to the station’s projected $800,000 structural deficit. Independent Public Media, a nonprofit consortium headed by WYBE founder John Schwarz and Ken Devine, former WNET executive, has already signaled its interest (Current, Oct. 17). Parties may find information and download bid packets from the college district’s purchasing page online. Bids may be filed through Feb. 14, 2012.

3 thoughts on “KCSM-TV in San Mateo, Calif., goes up for sale

  1. I would think KQED will eventually wind up owning KCSM.

    Out on on Island some years ago, WLIW was sold to New York’s WNET.

  2. As of January 28 KCSM is in the midst of a frantic pledge drive. What would happen to the jazz format if KCSM were sold. They have I believe the second largest collection of jazz recordings, after the Smithsonian, in the entire country. What would happen to all of this. Very sad.

  3. Hello Anonymous: KCSM is a dual licensee, meaning it is both a radio and TV station. KCSM FM is not affected by this decision and will continue to program as Jazz 91.1.

    Dru Sefton, Current

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