Former WBAI talker Lynn Samuels found dead at 69

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Progressive radio talk-show host Lynn Samuels, 69, who began her career on public radio, was found deceased in her apartment on Christmas Eve, the New York Daily News reports. When Samuels didn’t show up for her Sirius XM show on Saturday (Dec. 24), reps for the satellite radio company asked the police to investigate. Officers found her body in the apartment in Queens. Samuels began her radio career in 1979 at Pacifica Radio’s WBAI in New York City. In the 1980s she moved to WABC, where she was fired a total of three times — once for calling for the assassination of President George H.W. Bush on the air, according to The Right Perspective, a conservative webcast. She joined Sirius XM in 2003.

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