Pubcasters sign on with new Future of TV Coalition

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Several pubcasting groups are part of the new Future of TV Coalition, just announced by the National Association of Broadcasters, which “unites organizations that have expressed concern that legislative and regulatory initiatives currently under discussion in Washington could jeopardize the future of over-the-air broadcasting.” Pubmedia members include the Center for Asian American Media, MHz Networks, Native American Public Telecommunications, Pacific Islanders in Communications and Vme Media.

Vme’s founder and president, Carmen DiRienzo, spoke at the luncheon Tuesday (Nov. 1) announcing the initiative. “Digital television is a huge, free and important part of the digital future,” she said. “Its absence would diminish the amount, quality and diversity of voices, thought and experience that Vme and other networks like it provide.” She said that if free, over-the-air TV were not protected, it would “disenfranchise millions of Americans and most especially the very hard-working, inspiring Latinos that Vme and public television are so proud to serve.”

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