NJTV, successor to NJN, airs first live newscast and election coverage

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For the first time, NJTV, the new incarnation of the New Jersey Network, presented a live newscast on Monday (Nov. 7) and also aired live election coverage Tuesday, reports The Associated Press. NJTV general Manager John Servidio said the station has “done the best we can with what we have” and broke into programming to run live several times in the past month, including coverage of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s endorsement of 2012 GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney and during the October snowstorm. “I think if you look at the first show we aired on July 1 until now, you’ll see a pretty big curve of growth,” Servidio said. Election night coverage included live feeds from Democratic and GOP headquarters in Atlantic City and Bergen counties, along with other field reports and panels of pundits in the studio. “I think we’ll be able to compete with any local station out there in terms of our coverage,” Servidio said.

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