Human skull, bones, discovered in KCAW building in Sitka, Alaska

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Contractors working in the basement of KCAW/Raven Radio in Sitka, Alaska, uncovered human remains that may predate the 103-year-old building, the Associated Press is reporting in the Anchorage Daily News. When workers found the skull and skeleton between two slabs of bedrock, work immediately stopped. “And the first thing we had to do was figure out what to do,” said KCAW General Manager Ken Fate. Police and an archeologist determined the bones were not part of a crime scene. Then, “erring on the side of caution,” Fate said, “we determined that we better treat them as if they might be culturally significant.” Fate contacted the Sitka Tribe of Alaska, and tribal elders said the site was not a previous village or ceremonies, but conducted a blessing ceremony nevertheless. The contractors have cordoned off the area containing the bones and the work continues.

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