Bachmann’s book reveals soft spot for Keillor — who doesn’t return the feeling

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Michele Bachmann has lots of nice things to say about her fellow Anoka (Minn.) High School alum Garrison Keillor in her new book Core of Conviction, which hit bookstores Monday (Nov. 21), reports Politico. Of the Prairie Home Companion host, she writes, “His politics are very different from mine, but I love his gentle, knowing humor. Keillor understands Minnesota, from Lutherans to lutefisk, and his ability to squeeze laughs out of serious-minded midwesterners makes him a legend.” She also compliments his writing skills.

But Keillor doesn’t feel the same about her. In a 2010 letter of support for her Bachmann’s Democratic opponent in Minnesota’s 6th District, Keillor wrote: “It’s embarrassing to me and a great many Minnesotans that Michele Bachmann, a politician who is so busy grandstanding and giving interviews on Fox News that she doesn’t have time to serve the people who elected her, represents the 6th District in Washington.”

Politico contacted Keillor to get his reaction to Bachmann’s book. “As an old Democrat, I wish that Michelle’s presidential campaign were doing better than it is,” he said.

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