Wait wait … it’s a pledge premium! Really!

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Oh that Peter Sagal. The host of pubradio’s Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me has recorded a truly unique pledge pitch for WCQS/WYQS in western North Carolina.

It references state Sen. Jim Forrester’s statement in an interview last month that Asheville is a “cesspool of sin” due to the state’s tolerance of homosexual “mischief.”

Sagal gleefully congratulates listeners for Ashville’s victory over Wilmington and Chapel Hill, and proclaims that “nothing helps keep Asheville drowning in ungodly filth more than WCQS.” He ends the pitch by urging, “keep Asheville demonic, people.”

For a $100 contribution, members can get a nifty “Welcome to the Cesspool of Sin” T-shirt, destined to become a collector’s item.

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