“To the Contrary” host Erbé delays return to show

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Bonnie Erbé, founder and host of To the Contrary, has had a slight setback that will delay her return to the show. Erbé took a serious spill from her horse Stand Out in a show over Memorial Day weekend (see story in the Oct. 3 issue of Current) and, after months of rehab, had hoped to be back in the host’s chair this Friday (Oct. 7). But now she’s adjusting that date a bit and is aiming to return to the air in the next two weeks. Guest hosts including Democratic political strategist Donna Brazile and former Health and Human Services Secretary Donna Shalala have been filling in.

When Erbé injured two cervical vertebrae in the accident on May 29, her doctor gave her a 50-50 chance of walking again. Her physical therapist said regaining her mobility would take six months or more, but she was up and walking within five weeks.

She’s been working in the show’s Washington, D.C., office for a couple days a week for several weeks now.

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