This American Sex Life

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[Warning: Contents of this blog post may get you into trouble at your workplace, either for its lurid subject matter or the volume of your laughter at the aforementioned lurid subject matter. Also, please proceed with caution as this blog post contains material dealing with sordid details of the sex lives of various public broadcasters. Listener discretion advised.]

Julian Joslin, co-writer and narrator of the Ira Glass Sex Tape, tells Huffington Post he used parts of nine Fresh Air episodes to create the 11-minute parody that’s currently ricocheting around the Web. HuffPost calls it “a barbed love letter to public radio’s self-seriousness,” also noting that it’s “the only sex tape that might actually shock the nation, because it’s fancy enough to have ‘two acts.’ ” Guest-starring voices include Planet Money’s Alex Blumberg and This American Life contributor Jonathan Goldstein.

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