Public media remembrances of Steve Jobs

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WGBH Open Vault, the Boston station’s online media archives and library, has posted raw footage of a May 1990 interview the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. (The final version of the edited interview is here.)

NPR’s David Greene hosted a live streaming special on Oct. 6 that remembered Jobs’ life and assessed his legacy. The hour-long special was featured on the NPR News iPhone app and on “We wanted to make sure [the special] could be heard on the devices that Jobs created,” said spokesperson Emerson Brown.’s archive of the show, which may be broadcast on NPR member stations, is here. Greene interviewed friends and colleagues of the Apple innovator and talked with record producer Phil Ramone about how the iPod and iTunes changed the music industry.

The special also highlights one of Jobs’ most resonating public speeches, his 2005 Stanford University commencement address.

One thought on “Public media remembrances of Steve Jobs

  1. Really?

    Come on. While Jobs was a brilliant marketer, to be sure, and had a near impeccable sense of design, enough already!

    He was a billionaire, obsessed with success to the extent that, according to Reuters, he had to have a biography commissioned so that his kids would know who he was.

    I think that tells you all you need to know or care about the late Mr Jobs.

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