Alec Baldwin signs on with WNYC

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30 Rock actor Alec Baldwin will host Here’s the Thing, an interview show via podcast, starting Oct. 24 for WNYC in New York City, the Associated Press reports. Guests will include big names such as actor Michael Douglas, Republican campaign strategist Ed Rollins, reality-show celeb Kris Kardashian Jenner, comic Chris Rock, actress Kathleen Turner, author Erica Jong and veteran talk-show host Dick Cavett.

Baldwin has subbed for host Kurt Andersen, and supplied some pretty funny pledge pitches to stations. But he was interested in doing more, said Dean Cappello, WNYC’s chief content officer. “Alec is one of our hometown guys,” he said.

New interviews will be available about once a week and probably end up as an on-air radio show.

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