Temporary hosts rotate into Need to Know anchor chair

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WNET’s Need to Know will have several temporary hosts, including an NPR veteran, reports the New York Times, in the wake of Alison Stewart’s departure. Scott Simon, host of Weekend Edition Saturday, will fill the chair this week. Coming soon will be Maria Hinojosa of Now on PBS, Ray Suarez of PBS NewsHour and Jeff Greenfield, a network news vet who also hosted WTTW’s national production CEO Exchange on PBS. WNET programmer Stephen Segaller called it an “interim arrangement” to provide the program “some breathing room” as the station ponders its future.

Also, NTK Executive Producer Shelley Lewis is being replaced by Marc Rosenwasser, whose background includes work on ABC and NBC newsmagazines as well as executive producing WNET’s Worldfocus, which was canceled just before NTK premiered last year.

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