At long last, public radio has its very own style maven

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Jesse Thorn, host and creator of The Sound of Young America, has his hands in many creative projects but recently he’s taken up . . . men’s style blogging?

If it seems unlikely, think again, because Thorn is a man who knows how to dress well and how to do so on a budget.

In a magazine feature published today, Thorn takes readers of GQ shopping in underground L.A., stopping for pastrami in his favorite deli before visiting a Korean tailor, a Mexican shoemaker and three thrift stores. “What Thorn offers is a measure of practicality and instruction, and allows the average man, without stylist or sponsor, to develop a responsibility for his appearance,” writes GQ‘s Shona Sanzgiri. “He doesn’t consider himself an authority—more like an advocate.”

After discovering a Brooks Brothers sweater in a Goodwill store, Thorn advises: “The secret is to find clothes that are tens, and not sevens. Keep your wardrobe edited so that it really works. Wearing two things that kind of work doesn’t turn into something that really works.”

The men’s style web series Put This On is separate from Thorn’s audio productions through Maximum Fun, which include Public Radio International’s TSOYA, PRX’s WTF, and the podcast Judge John Hodgman. To name just a few. There’s so much more to discover.

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