Moyers outspoken as always in wide-ranging interview

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“When representative government has been bought and paid for by the predator class, there’s no easy way to get it back,” says newsman Bill Moyers in a candid interview on George Mason University’s History News Network website. “The conservatives have been brilliant at this. They took over the Republican Party, remade it in their image, and employ it as their Trojan horse for the protection of the rich: GOP — Guardians of Privilege. As for Democrats: their everyday working people — as well as their practicing progressives and liberals — only have a party when the lobbyists aren’t using it.”

Moyers also discusses myriad subjects including President Barack Obama (he “seems obsessed with wanting to lead the country in what he sees as a post-partisan era while his opponents are so partisan they have only one goal in mind — to destroy him even if they have to burn down the house to do it”), Moyers’ first pubcasting appearances (“My first season was awful; I wore horn-rimmed glasses, dark suits, was too stiff, took myself too seriously”) and his memories from aboard Air Force One on Nov. 22, 1963, as it carried President John F. Kennedy’s slain body back to Washington (“Enormous sorrow all around. Shock in the faces of everyone on that plane. But it was quiet and calm. . . . All I saw that day was poise, pain, and grace.”)

The public broadcasting newsman has a new book out, and just announced his return to television in a new show, Moyers & Company.

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