Man who threatened ATC hosts gets 46 months in prison

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John Crosby, who plead guilty in April to sending violent threats to two NPR hosts through the network’s website, was sentenced on Aug. 12 in Portland, Maine, to 46 months in a prison facility that offers mental health treatment. In January, Crosby sent more than 20 messages containing anti-Semitic and misogynistic terms targeting All Things Considered hosts Melissa Block and Guy Raz. In court last Friday, Crosby described being unemployed, worried about his newborn twins and sleeping in his car. He said he felt NPR was not doing a good job covering the economic situation. “I am not alone. I’m obviously alone in being someone who dealt with my anger and stress in an odd way,” Crosby said. “For that, I’m sorry.” Crosby also will have three years of court supervision after his release.

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