Is a Lake Wobegon movie in the works?

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Garrison Keillor is still confident in his decision to step aside from full-time hosting duties at public radio’s Prairie Home Companion in July 2013. “I think it’s a great plan,” Keillor told the Louisville, Ky., Courier-Journal in a story Sunday (Aug. 7), “so that the host is able to step to the side before he becomes halting and pitiful, a lumbering galoot out on stage. I don’t need to be that person. I want to leave at the right time.”

Keillor said he expects to continue supplying regular dispatches from Lake Wobegon — perhaps even in a big-screen movie. “There are people interested in backing it,” Keillor said. “I have yet to give them a script, which should happen in the next couple weeks. We shall see.”

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