Chicago’s WBEZ mulling midday program changes

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Chicago Public Media WBEZ-FM is working on plans to boost its output of local news during middays in response to two new local FM news outlets, reports Chicago media critic Bob Feder. Torey Malatia, president of Chicago Public Media, outlined details for staffers Friday (Aug. 5). Currently the station airs local newsmag Eight Forty-Eight and international affairs talk show Worldview, both WBEZ productions, along with various programs from other sources. “Some of those purchased programs would probably remain, but the weaker ones would go away,” Malatia said. “But we haven’t gotten as far as targeting any of them yet.”

One plan would split the production staff of Eight Forty-Eight and replace the program with one morning and one afternoon show. Allison Cuddy, host of Eight Forty-Eight, would host one, and Steve Edwards, the founding host of the show who’s currently director of content development, would host the other, Malatia said, adding, “I just don’t want people holding their breath waiting for all this to happen because it’s going to take some time.”

3 thoughts on “Chicago’s WBEZ mulling midday program changes

  1. All I ask is that you get some decent NPR programming. I’m not happy with all the stuff from Canada, although Q is occasionally interesting. Wiretap is trash…sorry, but it’s a total waste of air. Inform me, challenge me, c’mon BEZ..what’s happenining over there?

  2. For the most part I like the programming on WBEZ, but I completely agree about Wiretap. Not funny, not useful. I haven’t heard Q so I can’t comment on that one.

  3. The Age of Persuasion is good but otherwise the Canadian programming is dull and tedious. It is easy to tune to the station and in the middle of a discussion, know the program comes from up north. Please, please source less from Canada for programming.

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