KCET gets funding for online/on-air arts show

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KCET-TV just received a $206,300, two-year grant from the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors for a new arts series titled ARC, reports the Los Angeles Times. The show will run both on the air and online, where new content will be updated daily. Plans call for 24 episodes a year on TV, fed by four different production units, the paper says, “each assigned to explore a single theme in the arts and produce a five-minute segment for each show.” Juan Devis, KCET’s director of production and program development, will select a collaborator to cover each beat — arts and cultural history, portraits of contemporary voices in the arts, the arts and education, and the politics of the arts. KCET will produce a fifth segment in-house that will tie each episode together. “We still need to raise more money to really go for it, but I think sometime in the fall you’ll see ARC coming alive,” Devis says.

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