Blog chooses CPB’s Harrison for weekly honor

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CPB President Pat Harrison was recently selected as “People’s Hero of the Week” by the Broadband and Social Justice Blog from the Minority Media and Telecom Council. Harrison was praised for leading CPB’s strategic focus on the three D’s: digital (investments in innovation and technology), dialogue (investments in local community engagement, partnerships and service) and diversity (investments and commitment to diversity of content, talent, and service), and its creation of the Diversity and Innovation Fund for public media.

One thought on “Blog chooses CPB’s Harrison for weekly honor

  1. CPB just eliminated the “diversity”
    commitment from the American Archive inventory process by prioritizing CSG stations for the $$,relegating all independent producers to getting whatever might be left-over. that includes all the Minority Consortia collections, as well as heavy hitters like Moyers and Story Corps. There are no Asian radio or TV stations,and no Native American or Latino controlled TV stations, so no programs produced by these groups will be in line for funding. what kind of diversity is that? the American Archive should be able to do much better.

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