Number of over-the-air TV homes grew over last year, new survey shows

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According to research out this week from Knowledge Networks, the number of Americans exclusively using over-the-air (OTA) television broadcasting in their home increased from 42 million to 46 million over the last year. The demographics of broadcast-only households skew towards younger adults, minorities and lower-income families, the report finds.

The “2011 Ownership Survey and Trend Report” shows that 15 percent of all U.S. households with TVs use just over-the-air signals; that compares with 14 percent of homes reported as broadcast-only for the previous three years. Knowledge Networks estimates that more than 17 million households, or about 45.6 million consumers, receive television exclusively through broadcast signals.

The research also showed that minorities make up 40 percent of all broadcast-only homes; 20 percent of homes with a head of household age 18-34 are broadcast only; and 23 percent of homes with an annual income under $30,000 receive TV signals solely over-the-air.

The survey of 3,343 households was conducted in March and April with a standard error range of plus/minus 2 percent.

One thought on “Number of over-the-air TV homes grew over last year, new survey shows

  1. I guess my question would be how many people are “only” using over-the-air. I presume the metric was a binary: over-the-air or cable. I myself don’t have cable, but I almost never watch over-the-air TV. I have an XBox 360 that feeds content from the internet to my TV.

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