Newscaster Ann Taylor leaving NPR on June 30 after 21 years

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Ann Taylor, the bottom-of-the-hour news voice on NPR’s All Things Considered, is leaving after 21 years with the network. In a memo to staff, Managing Editor David Sweeney and Robert Garcia, newscast executive producer, say Taylor has anchored the spots “with great clarity of writing and authority of delivery.” The memo says Taylor wants to stop commuting weekly to Washington from New York, and her last day will be June 30. “Ann is one of the most gracious professionals both of us have had the honor of working with,” it says. “She’s unflappable on the air and is one of the most hard-working and adaptable broadcasters. Away from the microphone, Ann also has a most wicked and wonderful sense of humor. While Ann will be in New York, she will return to our air on occasion to fill-in. We’re very sorry to lose her, but she can always call NPR home.”

2 thoughts on “Newscaster Ann Taylor leaving NPR on June 30 after 21 years

  1. Ann Taylor has been a radio voice for a very long time but it has been her pause before she starts her newscast that is her trademark.It started first at NBC radio news in the 1970s and I would wonder if the power had failed during that three second gap before she began speaking.She may not be missed at NPR the way Carl Castle is but in a world of changing broadcasters,she was always steady and reliable. Good Luck,Ann.

  2. I have been intending to touch bases with my former NBC Radio News colleague from the 1970’s for some time. Today,I finally stopped to do that and was I was SHOCKED to find that the day I tried….I see that she’s departing NPR at the end of THIS month! WOW! I just wanted to let here know that I listen to her frequently and amazed that she has stuck it out as a real pro-in the business some 30 years after I moved over t PR, after having spent ovr HALF of MY life in broadcasting then moved on to Public Relations. But ANN…no way! She carried on. stayed in the FAR beyond everyone else we ever worked with. She’s IS a pro!

    Hope she sees this. All my respect to you, Ann. – Jeff Thompson, [email protected]

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