Illinois Public Media continues search for station manager, hires development director

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Kate Dobrovolny, former station manager at WILL-AM-FM-TV in Champaign, Ill., who retired in April after 31 years at the station, is spending her summer right where she wants to be: In her garden. Meanwhile, the local News-Gazette reports, Illinois Public Media is conducting a national search for her successor. It’s also hired Debbie Hamlett as director of development to replace George Hauenstein, who left last fall. Hamlett was previously development and programming director at South Carolina ETV. Hamlett starts today (May 31).

UPDATE: Current just heard from Hauenstein, who points out he did not retire, as the News-Gazette report states, but instead departed to become chief development officer at Vermont Public Television. Current regrets the error, and now envies Hauenstein’s views of fall foliage.

  • George Hauenstein

    George Hauenstein didn’t actually retire, as the story says. He moved to become the Chief Development Officer at Vermont Public Television.

  • Dru

    Thanks George!