Frontline website returns; e.p. Fanning calls hack “disappointing and irresponsible”

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Frontline’s website is back up after being hit by hackers over the weekend. The group Lulz Boat claimed responsibility on its Twitter account Sunday night (May 29), mentioning retaliation for Frontline’s recent documentary, “WikiSecrets.” Frontline Executive Producer David Fanning said in a statement on the attack, “We see it as a disappointing and irresponsible act. We have been very open to publishing criticism of the film, and the film itself included multiple points of view. Rather than engaging in that spirit, this is an attempt to chill independent journalism.” The attack also involved PBS NewsHour and some pages, which are still under repair but should be up soon. On Monday, NewsHour provided content to viewers via Tumblr.

UPDATE: PBS NewsHour is back up as of 4 p.m. Eastern.

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