Equipment grantmaker PTFP will stop making grants but continue monitoring those already awarded

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CPB’s older sister in the federal grantmaking world, the Public Telecommunications Facilities Program, died a month ago in the midst of the federal budget upheaval and finally posted its own obit yesterday, saying it will continue to monitor past grants to make sure grantees fulfill their obligations.

Ellen Rocco, g.m. of North Country Public Radio, says PTFP gave vital assistance to the regional broadcaster, which now covers the northern, rural one-third of New York state with 33 transmitters: “We simply couldn’t have done it without them,” Rocco wrote in her blog today. “Or, it would have taken several decades longer, so perhaps people in Old Forge or Newcomb or Glens Falls would be waiting until 2020 to hear our station.” She thanked PTFP Director Bill Cooperman and the staff “who belie all the nasty stereotypes we hear about ‘bureaucrats.'”

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