Rep. Blumenauer issues “Dear Colleague” letter on NPR video sting

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Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) sent a “Dear Colleague” letter today (March 15) alerting members of Congress to press coverage that last week’s undercover video sting of NPR executives was edited in a misleading manner, citing stories from the Associated Press and on conservative TV host Glenn Beck’s website.

“Recently, members of the media and Congress have paid great attention to a hidden-camera video taken of National Public Radio (NPR) fundraisers by activists working for James O’Keefe,” the letter reads. “I wanted to bring to your attention analysis conducted by experts in video editing and journalistic ethics, as well as a broad range of conservative media figures.. . . It is our obligation as lawmakers to act only when we have the most accurate information possible. In this instance, any rush to pull federal funding for NPR based on James O’Keefe’s deceptively edited video would be wrong.”

One thought on “Rep. Blumenauer issues “Dear Colleague” letter on NPR video sting

  1. Blumenauer needs to focus his efforts on balancing the budget, it’s an insult to honest taxpayers that he’s wasted time with this nonsence.

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