OPB announcer dies in head-on collision on interstate

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Heidi Tauber Esping, 52, an Oregon Public Broadcasting announcer, died in a head-on collision on Wednesday (March 23) night on Interstate 405, according to the Oregonian. Lynne Clendenin, OPB’s v.p. of radio programming, told the paper she hired Esping in 2009 because of her warm tone and news savvy. “The two combined made for a very nice OPB announcer, and I thought she was wonderful on the air,” Clendenin said. “She was welcoming always in her manner. You could hear her smiling.” Esping worked in local radio for several decades, including stints at KPAM, KINK, KEX and KPOJ.

One thought on “OPB announcer dies in head-on collision on interstate

  1. Heidi Tauber was a “breath of fresh” as an annoucer on radio. I listened to her faithfully every mornning when she work the morning show weekdays on KPOJ. She had a great voice for radio and was always thoughtful in her remarks on the radio for her listeners to hear. A real talent…a real loss for me personally…and the many others that listened to her great voice and positive energy she brought to broadcasting. I will miss her. lister Gene in Vancouver.

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