Latest sting video from O’Keefe “reveals” Soros foundation supports NPR

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Conservative muckraking videographer James O’Keefe has released a third video from his recent NPR sting, which Media Matters for America notes “instantly falls apart.” On his Project Veritas website, O’Keefe says “the public will learn for the first time that George Soros’s Open Society Foundation has donated to NPR in the past, starting as many as 15 years ago.” As Media Matters points out, that’s long been public information — because NPR has issued press releases about the grants. Plus, they’re all listed on NPR’s tax documents.

  • Anonymous

    So Media Matters is viewed as a good source by you, eh? Ever use Media Research Center as a source?

  • Dru

    Ever sign your name to comments?


    Have a good weekend….

  • John

    I’ll take that as a definite “no.” Ideological sources are fine…as long as they are on the correct side of the divide. The same side that pubcasters expect to get from this blog.