Classical WSMR in Sarasota still experiencing signal problems

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Tampa-based WUSF bought WSMR for $1.2 million last year to shift its classical music to the Sarasota station and offer daytime NPR programming (Current, Aug. 9, 2010). But technical delays and interference issues delayed the station’s full-power debut from Sept. 15 to Feb. 22 — and even now, signal woes continue, reports the St. Petersburg Times. Some listeners to the south still can’t receive the signal through the static. Nancy Preis, board member of the Florida Orchestra and the St. Petersburg Opera, still can’t receive the programming. “I consider this to be a major screwup,” she said. JoAnn Urofsky, g.m. at WUSF, said that the station couldn’t warn the public as the deal progressed. “Had we said anything, we would have jeopardized the business deal,” said Urofsky, noting WUSF didn’t finalize the sale until Oct. 22. “We had to redesign a station almost from scratch because of the condition we found it.” There are plans for a translator, but that may not solve all the problems.

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