WTTW’s “Grannies on Safari” hosts hope to escape Egypt today with tour group

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Regina Fraser, co-host of Grannies on Safari, says the group just heard from the U.S. State Department today (Feb. 1) and is standing by for a flight out of Egypt, as the revolution there continues to intensify. Fraser, co-host Pat Johnson and 10 Americans are stranded in Luxor after arriving on Jan. 26. Maria Dugandzic of MediaPros 24/7 in Chicago has been monitoring the situation and is in close contact with the group. “The State Dept just called them and told them to pack their bags because they may have a flight back to the U.S. in the next hours,” Dugandzic said.

She said the tourists arrived there on Saturday from Cairo and are currently on a boat docked on the Nile. Four travelers were able to get out “on pricey charters,” Dugandzic said. Those remaining include an 82-year-old grandmother from Ohio. ┬áThe ATM’s have run out of money, “and downtown Luxor is not an attraction right now, so at this stage they would like to get home.”

The WTTW show is nationally syndicated. It follows the co-hosts around the globe, often with travelers in tow.

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