U.S. Ambassador to Greece greets WTTW’s “Grannies on Safari” travelers in Athens, click here for photo…

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U.S. Ambassador to Greece Daniel Smith, center, was on hand Wednesday (Feb. 2) to welcome travelers accompanying co-hosts for the public broadcasting show Grannies on Safari as they arrived at the Athens International Airport from Luxor, Egypt. The group had landed in Egypt on Jan. 26, as the country began to explode into anti-government protests. They finally made it out on a U.S. State Department charter flight. First row, from left: Jessie Shropshire of Ohio, Gail Bikel of Indiana, Ann Pinkney of Illinois, co-host Regina Fraser, Smith, co-host Pat Johnson, the ambassador’s wife Diana Smith, and Julio Martinez of Illinois, the show’s photographer. Second row: U.S. Consular Officer Tom Fraser, left, and Linda Slaughter of Chicago. Two additional consular officers were not identified for security reasons. (Image: Courtesy U.S. State Department, Prodromos Triantafillou)

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