Rep. Markey hits GOP for funding reductions, citing CPB

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Rep. Edward Markey (D-Mass.) said in a statement yesterday (Feb. 12) on GOP budget cuts that by “putting the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and Pell Grants on the chopping block, Republicans are denying our youngest children and our neediest students the excellence of educational, cultural and informational resources and opportunities both in their homes and in classrooms throughout the nation.”

He also said that the reductions were made “to appease demands of its extremist Tea Party caucus.”

The House begins debate Tuesday on a Continuing Resolution to keep the government running that includes a proposal to zero out CPB funding by fiscal 2013.

2 thoughts on “Rep. Markey hits GOP for funding reductions, citing CPB

  1. Markey needs to be voted out of office for his comments. CPB cares about their big tax payer funded bonuses not the welfare of children. Its odd that Markey feels only CPB can provide this level of education to the nations children and not the Dept. of Ed.. Why does the Dept. of Ed. exist if they can’t educate young children?

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