NBR looking to radio show, multiple bureau partnerships

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Nightly Business Report is “strongly pursing” a national radio deal, and is hoping to open up to multiple bureau partnerships with pubcasting stations by the end of the year, NBR owner Mykalai Kontilai tells the News on News website. The radio program would be a half-hour audiocast of the weeknight NBR, with an addition 30 minutes of NBR-produced content. “It would involve both of our hosts or some other radio talent,” Kontilai said. NBR also has seven proposals out to pubTV stations for bureau partnerships. “We’ve received some positive feedback,” he said. “I would hope by the end of the year, we’d have three to five new bureaus opened, one in the Rocky Mountain region, one in the Southwest, one in Southern California, one in Washington, D.C. and one in Chicago. It would put a reporter on the ground to cover breaking stories. We’ve got contracts out for people to review. So we’re pretty late in the process.” Kontilai’s acquisition of the show in 2010 was big news in the pubcasting system, as reported by both Current and, subsequently, the New York Times.

One thought on “NBR looking to radio show, multiple bureau partnerships

  1. They should partner with APM’s Marketplace. They could use the best of NBR TV audio & select newly created stories to package an additional half hour with Marketplace PM each night.

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