Group examining ways for creators and parents to define quality children’s media

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The Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Children’s Media gathered a group of experts Tuesday (Feb. 1) at the Erikson Institute in Chicago to begin building a framework for judging excellence in children’s digital media, reports the Early Education Initiative blog of the New America Foundation.

“Today children are gaining access to media that encourages – no, requires – some interaction on their part,” writes Lisa Guernsey, director of the initiative and conference participant. “Couldn’t that interaction bring with it the potential for harnessing that media to enrich children’s learning in many promising ways, in and out of school?”

The group is developing broad outlines for creators and parents trying to determine “how to define quality amid the burgeoning number of products, websites, shows, social media outlets, immersive games and apps that are designed to both engage and excite children’s learning,” Guernsey said.

Some 30 experts were in on the discussion, including Angela Santomero, co-founder of Out of the Blue Enterprises, which produces SuperWhy! on PBS; and Alan Gershenfeld, founder of E-Line Media, a publisher of game-based learning products, and former chairman of the nonprofit Games for Change.

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