GOP-Dem talks on Continuing Resolution “off to a shaky start,” Washington Post reports

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The budget stalemate continues to percolate over the Continuing Resolution to keep the government running through September, which contains a provision wiping out all of CPB’s funding. Since the bill’s passage at 4:30 a.m. Feb. 19, the Republicans put together a bill that would push the March 4 deadline two weeks – with $4 billion in cuts, roughly proportional to the $61 billion over the remaining seven months of the fiscal year. Senate Democrats rejected that idea, the Washington Post reports. Those lawmakers, meanwhile, want another 30 days to work all this out with funding remaining at current levels; House Republicans rejected that idea. The Post says there’s a “wide gulf” between the two sides on the budget plan, and that talks “have gotten off to a shaky start” with the Republicans insisting on the entire $61 billion in reductions.

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