Triple play for music lovers of Ohio and Kentucky

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WNKU, a Triple A public radio station broadcasting into Cincinnati on 89.7 FM, will triple its potential audience with the purchase of two commercial country stations in Ohio, WPFB in Middletown and WPAY, Portsmouth. The $6.75 million deal was signed today, according to Public Radio Capital’s Erik Langner, who brokered the deal for WNKU. The sale will be financed through tax-exempt bonds to be issued by WNKU licensee Northern Kentucky University.

“Year after year, the number one complaint we hear is in regards to signal strength and reach,” said Chuck Miller, g.m. “WNKU will no longer be Greater Cincinnati’s best kept secret.” While FCC approval of the license transfer is pending, WNKU will begin programming the stations on Feb. 1 under a local management agreement. [Coverage map of new service area.]

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