PubTV systemwide initiative aims to invigorate station fundraising

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CPB and WGBH today (Jan. 27) announced a two-year, $754,000 project to help stations improve their fundraising capabilities. The Contributor Development Partnership will include the first-ever systemwide contributor data reference file to provide analyses of the best in pubTV fundraising. Michal Heiplik, former director of membership at HoustonPBS, will oversee the project. CPB is contributing $504,000, and WGBH, $250,000.

Helping shape the initiative is a 12-member station advisory group: Don Derheim, KQED (Northern California); Becky Chinn, OPB (Oregon); Mary Kay Phelps, WETA (Washington, D.C.); Kelly McCullough, KAET (Arizona); David Preston, TPT (Minnesota); Ellen Sinkinson, WNET (New York); Anne Gleason, WTTW (Chicago); Jack Galmiche, KETC (St. Louis); Joe Krushinsky, MPT (Maryland); Michael Zeller, KCPT (Kansas City, Mo.); Deanna Mackey, KPBS (San Diego); and Susan Dwyer, WGBH (Boston).

One thought on “PubTV systemwide initiative aims to invigorate station fundraising

  1. When I was a child, I hated riding the school bus which I would constantly miss thereby forcing my mother to drive me to school until one morning, my mother looked at me and stated “you better not miss that bus”. I understood what she meant and ran for my life to catch that bus. CPB seems to now understand that the free ride is over….

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