“Marmalade Gypsy” looks back at NETA

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Here are some cool photos from the NETA convention, and a little wrapup, from the Marmalade Gypsy blogger. One of the pics captures two Current staffers, reporter Dru Sefton (on the right, with the scarf) and Kathleen Unwin, marketing director, at Lucky Table 13. Give yourself extra points if you can figure out the identity of the writer, an anonymous pubcaster. (Hints: Jeanie in Michigan.)

One thought on ““Marmalade Gypsy” looks back at NETA

  1. Hi, Dru!

    Thanks for the link! NETA conference was terrific in every sense of the word, and one of the reasons why was getting to be with wonderful colleagues (like you!) from across the country. All that, plus great sessions and wonderful events made for a worthwhile week! Cheers! jeanie

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