Hey, WOUB, remember this?

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OK, we just could not resist sharing this, although longtime staffers at WOUB in Athens, Ohio, may be annoyed. Or mortified.

This very groovy Dec. 19, 1977, WOUB signoff was posted on YouTube in March 2010 by broadcast graphic designer John Christopher Burns. Now it has migrated to Boing Boing (the comments there are pretty amusing).

We can’t decide which is cooler: the hair, the music, the equipment or the fashions.

3 thoughts on “Hey, WOUB, remember this?

  1. I can tell you as a staffer at WOUB, we loved finding this video. I’m not sure why we would be annoyed or mortified?!? It was the ’70s, everyone looked like idiots!

  2. Hurray! Nice to know WOUB staffers can laugh at their ’70s garb. And you’re right about how hideous we all looked. I still cringe at the thought (and photographs) of me in my fake leather fringe vest and Earth shoes.

    Hope you have updated your equipment since then.

    Dru at Current

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